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Monday, June 4th

Please Enjoy the music while your party is reached

[RING BACK TONE: King of the World- Porcelain And The Tramps ]
'Cause I'm fuckin' king of the world, get on your knees. 'Cause I'm fuckin' king of the world, do as I please.'

You have reached Loki of Asgard, leave your business for me and then be gone. If this be about greivences do stop calling before you truly annoy me.

Please leave your message after the beep.


Jane Foster/Thor Odinson - Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin
Tony Stark [ Listed as 'Do not Answer] - Shoot to Thrill'
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We all float down here. )


May. 12th, 2020 11:40 pm
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Loki Odinson//Liam Ohlrich
[ Amnesia; with [personal profile] techygoddess and [personal profile] hospitable_hel ]
[Main verse A]
Living in the city as Liam Ohlrich, the idenity that 'Sarah' Skuld has told him he truly is.Loki has no recollection of his life before waking up in her care. After being whisked away by her after Bruce Banner used him as a rag doll he woke up clean slate. Skuld is doing all in her power to keep his mind clean slate in hopes of protecting the world from more violence if Loki never recovers.

Loki Odinson-Laufeyson
[ Redemption; with [personal profile] burdenonherarms [personal profile] with_all_his_might[profile] omgsherlock ]
[Main verse b]
After talking to Jane Foster and deciding that she was in fact worthy to be called a friend he was helped to see that there were still precious things in his life one of those being his wife the other his childern. Loki has decided becuase of this he will keep up his loyalty to Sigyn and try to save his marriage before the gods try to convince her to void it.
[ Art by: [personal profile] hospitable_hel ]

Loki Odinson-Laufeyson
[ Opheliac; with [profile] omgsherlock (maybe [personal profile] burdenonherarms [personal profile] with_all_his_might) ]
[Minor verse of Redemption A]
Loki murdered Jane Foster to save her from a painfully slow death it drove him to madness to the point that he sewed his lips shut and was barley stopped in time. Trading something he held dear to Hel in exchange for Jane's soul he dug her body up and used all the magic he could pull from all around him to bring her back from the dead. Though he is too far gone to be saved this time, still he has her and has forsaken everything to have his sister-in-law back.

Want a verse? Totally open to any and all ideas.
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Love me or hate me I'm still an obsession )
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Children: has all together six children. Ranging from oldest to youngest. Sleipnir, Fenrir, Jormungand, Hel then Narvi and Vali with Sigyn. Sleipnir was not planned in fact, he was a grave miscalculation on Loki's behalf he had not intended to be caught up to by Svadilfari, in all accounts Sleipnir is a rape baby, which is why he was given to Odin. Loki was too young to handle the responciblity or the trauma of what had happened. On that note he loves all of his children, Hel is favored being his only daughter and having her own realm. Though he is far from above using his children to gain what he wishes. His three children and life with Angrboda were before he married Sigyn.

Odin: He loves his foster father but he also blames him for a lot that is wrong in his life. Loki's a spoiled brat who even as a father has not learned to let stuff go he's mildly paranoid and over thinks a lot.

Frigga: He loves his mother most of all. Even while angry at Odin he holds no ill will against her. She is the one he will always return too.

Angrboda: was his first love and someone he still holds in high regard. He would likely go back to her if either of them could do more then fight when they see one another.

Sigyn: At least for me in my head canon Sigyn and he were an arranged marriage that eventually turned to love. I'm willing to work around that one for Sigyn's who want the life long love but at the same time. That also makes Loki a bigger cheating whore to have three children with someone else.

Thor: Loki loves his brother dearly and is quite jealous of Jane Foster's hold on him, he feels he will be left behind. Thus he has befriended Jane to stay close to them. I DO NOT SHIP THORKI/THUNDERFROST Loki will not be banging his brother....unless he has something HUGE to gain from it and even then he would never be able to look at Thor again and actually feel sickened with himself.

Sif: well he's wanted to hit that for awhile. Depending on the verse this is why he cut her hair. In one its casue she insulted him, after cheating on Thor with him but once. In the other it is because he was jealous of her and she shot him down.

Yes, I do try to play all the myths in my MCU Loki, but I also have a straight up Mythology Loki which you can find here.
Any questions or comments ask or tell away.
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Who: Loki and Thor
Where: Odin's palace
When: They were very young.
What's this about: Loki wanted to show his brother a his first mastered spell and others laughed.

Your the best brother ever )
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Who: Loki, Hel and Vali. Mentions of Thor of course.
Where: Hel's realm.
When: Shortly after the letter war.
What's this about: Loki realizes he got what he wanted.

I'm a corpse without a soul. )
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Who: Loki/Lady Loki, Sigyn
Where: Palace of Asgard, Loki and Sigyn's chambers.
When: A season after the consummation of their marriage.
What's this about: Loki knows shes still scared of him but he knows shes cold.

A is for answering all of my prayers )
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Log: Inside the Fire
Who: Jane, and Loki
Where: The Ironwoods maybe Asgard
What: Loki brings Jane back at a high cost.

Freedom is a turn off for you you you )
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Who: Loki, Jane, Thor, Sigyn, Frigga, and Odin
Where: Palace of Asgard, Throne room
When: Over the course of a month before and after the murder of Jane Foster.
What's this about: Loki murders Jane Foster and reality shatters for him.
Verse: None, an ending to a memebells scene.

Why do you love me it's driving me crazy )
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Who: Loki and Odin
Where: Palace of Asgard, Odin's chamber.
When: Late evening, as to not be disturbed.
What's this about: Loki finally decided to give in and go see his father, after Sigyn informs him she's with child.

Why do you love me it's driving me crazy )
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Who: Loki Odinson [personal profile] ihasanarmy, Tony Stark [personal profile] arcreacted
Where: Stark Tower, NYC.
When: Late Afternoon, early evening. Loki had to find the right clothes
What's this about: Stark wishes to know about Loki's life, Loki is always happy to talk about himself.

Dude looks like a Lady )
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Log: The Aftermath
Who: Jane, Loki and Thor
Where: Jane's apartment
What: The aftermath of Loki's attempt at cooking.

Oh god this turned out bad. )
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Loki was annoyed that his darling wife had jumped in on the conversation between him and Stark, though that was not truly what made him angry that was just what finally set him off. Instead of leaving her on Asgard to fend for herself while he went to Midgard to see Jane and Thor he just didn't go, no he did something much more mean in his own eyes. He used his magic to block anyone from entering the chambers he shared with his wife. Sitting on a chair just watching the door.
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Family Reunion
Verse; Redemption
Staring: Loki, Sigyn, Jane and INTRODUCING THE MIGHTY THOR!

And remember to buy Loki-Os at your local store! )
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Characters: Loki and Sigyn
Rating: R for mention of Ho-Loki and squicky subjects.
Summery: Sigyn was a dotting wife, and Loki fucked it up.

Actions speak louder than words, So don't tell me that you love me now )
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Pick one! I'll write it when I have a free moment! It helps me get my characters voice stronger and you get a cute story!
Stole it from the wonderful Hel )
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She was completely insufferable sometimes! Liam had learned to stop asking so many questions he had taken up hobbies to keep him from thirsting to venture out of the tiny townhouse. So many books had he read over the past few weeks. The older libriain he checked most of them out from was amazed by how fast he could read and memorize the works at this point she was sugessting books away from sci-fi and fantasy. Luckily he had not ventured anywhere near mythology.

However all of the reading and silly monster movies in the world would not keep the man born as Loki in Jutinhiem raised in Asgard occupied enough to not start to grow cabin fever. Loki HATED to be confined just as his amnesia fueled persona Liam was starting to do. Each day he stayed inside unless Sarah went with him only to the library or sneaking out to see the woman Carol did he truely get to leave.

It was eating away at his mind making him agitated, and here it was tea, she had again tried to force him to drink green tea. Many times now he had expressed his dislike for the drink, but still every chance she tried to get him to take in more and he exploded. He had not meant to lose his temper, hell Liam didn't know he had a temper until then the tea mug thrown at the wall in a rage while she still rambled at him. All he could think to do was get out of the house. To get as far away from her as possible and that was what he did. Storming out in a blind rage. By the time he had wandered about for two or three hours he was completely lost.

He had calmed down by the time he found himself at a park, he did not recognize the park at all but he did love being around nature when things bothered him. Finding a bench he sat down his elbows on his knees and the hands up in his short curly blonde hair. He had to find his way home and apologize to Sarah. She had been nothing but good to him and to act as such before her was unspeakable.
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Pairing: Loki and Sigyn
Rating: PGish?
I would die for you. )


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