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Loki; The God of Chaos and Trickery

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Name:Loki Odinson-Laufeyson


Abbandoned as an infant in a temple for his small size and found by the king of Asgard Odin, the small jötunn child was taken home and addoptd as his own flesh and blood. At first touch of Odin's skin the baby turned pale and looked like any normal asgardian child. Raised as the brother of the Thunder God Thor, Loki grew to be a powerful magis user and due to his nature for mischeif and his uncanny ablity to lie he was dubbed the god of lies and mischief. He took a wife; Sigyn be it before or after he had been bore three childern by a jötunn giantess named Angrboða. Those childern were taken from him and Angrboða due to a profacy that his childern would cause Ragnarok. He had children with Sigyn as well and even bore one of his own. Slepnir was born of Loki's own body.

More will come.

Sigyn. Jane. Skuld. Hel. Carol (Amnes
ia Verse).

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